TechnicArts Fair

Classes are chosen on a first-come, first-served basis.

Class size is limited.  See list on the right. Don’t delay in registering!

Registration opens October 15th, 2019 at 8:00 am.

Registration for StudentsOPEN!

Registration for teachers, parents, chaperonesAll teachers/chaperones/parents should register!

Plan now to come, and invite your friends!

Students from public schools, home schools, private schools, Adventist schools or other Christian schools are welcome to come.

Questions? Call Donivan Andregg at 509-245-3680. 

List of classes to choose from for 2019:

  • Bath Bomb and Beauty Bar: class limit 20
  • Card Making: class limit 14
  • Crocheting: class limit 16
  • Graphic Design: class limit 20
  • Guitar Basics: class limit 10
  • Gymnastics: class limit 25
  • Intro to Electricity: class limit 12
  • Intro to Framing: class limit 20
  • Intro to Horsemanship: class limit 24
  • Leather Craft: class limit 10
  • Metals: class limit 10
  • Painting: class limit 15
  • Photography: class limit 12
  • Soap Making: class limit 12
  • Stained Glass: class limit 10
  • Tie Dye: class limit 10
  • Videography: class limit 10

Class descriptions:

  1. Bath bomb and scrubs: Make your own beauty supplies for yourself or for someone else. You pick the color, essential oil, and if you want to add petals. We’ll teach you how to put it all together and maybe even teach you a little chemistry too. Gift wrapping supplies are provided—just in time for Christmas. No experience or special clothes necessary.
  2. Card Making: Everyone loves to receive a handmade card in the mail, especially if it is made personally designed for their special occasion.  In this class we will be doing two projects where you will be learning new techniques for a very polished look!
  3. Crocheting: In this year’s crochet class we will learn the four basic stitches that you need to know to get started crocheting!  Once you know these, you’ll be able to create all kinds of things with just your hands, a crochet hook, and a ball of yarn!  Warning:  you’ll get “hooked” and you may not be able to stop!
  4. Graphic Design: Create cool lettering and graphics on a poster using a powerful design program called Illustrator. If you get good at this, you could even make money doing it!
  5. Guitar Basics: Come learn some guitar basics from one of our senior students, Allen Stafford! “You’ll learn guitar chords, or if you already know some… you’ll learn some new chords, guaranteed! We will also have a jam session and sing some praise songs!”
  6. Gymnastics: Our ACRO Sport Gymnastics Clinic will be taught by our very own ACRO SOUL gymnastics team members and Coaches.  The team will lead out in several fun and active stations that will include tumbling, doubles and pyramids.  Each group will have an opportunity to showcase the skills learned during the clinic during the final program. Please make sure you bring athletic clothes for participation in gymnastics. Sign up and enjoy learning ACRO with our team and coaches!
  7. Intro to Electricity: Want to know how electricity works? Get some hands-on experience and take home a small project!
  8. Intro to Framing: Learn the basics of how to frame a house, and take home a mini-wall you make yourself!
  9. Horsemanship Intro: Do you love horses and want to know more about them, how to care for them, or how to RIDE them? Then this class is for you! Learn the basics of horsemanship from equestrian director Sarah Holloway. Yes you get to ride a horse!
  10. Leather Craft: Make your own design and personalize a small leather item you get to take home with you!
  11. Metals: Repurpose nuts, bolts, washers, nails and other small metal scrap into art. Assemble and weld the pieces into small interesting sculptures that can depict figures, objects, flowers,  etc. and can be taken with you after the class.
  12. Painting: Watercolor Collage! Paint with watercolor using some creative techniques. Then the class will cut up and pool their art to create a single big collage. This class is taught by Joyce Wilkens, artist and author.
  13. Photography: Two instructors from Walla Walla University will be teaching cool photography tips and helping you make the best photos ever!
  14. Soap Making: Want to learn how to make your own soap? Take this class and learn how, and take home your own personalized soap.
  15. Stained Glass: Working with beautiful colors of glass, you will make your own stained glass creation to take home with you!
  16. Tie Dye: Tie dye was all the rage in the 70’s, but it’s BACK, and it’s still cool! If you take this class, make sure to wear something that could get a little dirty, just in case. You will get to take your personalized tie dye item home with you!
  17. Videography: Learn the basics of shooting and editing video, and how video is changing our world.