Junior Job Shadow Program

Junior Job Shadow Program

Career Exposure Experience

The 2022 Job Shadow dates are February 14-18.

We would like to extend our deepest appreciation to former and future Business Partner Mentors. The time and effort you extend to our students makes such a tremendous difference in their lives. Thank you so much.


The intention of the Upper Columbia Academy Job Shadow Program is to encourage students to dream of a promising future by providing them experiences in the real-world environment of their possible career choices. These experiences help students clarify their decisions as they look ahead to college and other training programs.


  • The Job Shadow time frame is February 14-18, 2022, immediately following February Home Leave (2/9-13). Students and Mentors finish the experience with an exit interview.
  • Students should work a “regular workday.” This can vary by the type of work but should be a minimum of 4 full workdays.


Students are covered by UCA liability insurance while on-site or participating in any activity related to their job shadow.

Program Features

  • All Upper Columbia Academy juniors are required to complete a job shadow with an organization/business of their own choosing at their home base or elsewhere with parental permission. The Job Shadow consists of an orientation followed by a 4-day, immersion at the work site, concluding with the student’s report and presentation of learning. Students receive credit for successfully completing their internship and related course work.
  • Each student is paired with a workplace mentor who understands and supports the goals of the program.
  • All students will develop a report or presentation based on their job shadow experiences and the exit interview conducted by their Mentor.

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