Charles Hartman


Vice Principal for Academics
Math Teacher

About "Mr. Hartman"

“My high school math teacher from Modesto Adventist Academy (now Central Valley Christian Academy) was the math teacher here at UCA for many years. UCA had a last minute opening in their science department (late May), and he invited me to consider UCA. However, I was the science/math teacher as well as the registrar and the Computer Support person at San Diego Academy, and was not about to leave them in the lurch, so I did not even interview. UCA made do for another year and then called me again. After interviewing, my wife and I  fasted and prayed for several days about making the move. We did not have a clear answer, but came in faith. God provided the answer within 2 weeks of our arrival—our oldest son Paul.”

Mr. Hartman has been our registrar since June 2018 and is thankful he still gets to be in the classroom teaching Pre-Calculus and Physics.  Mr. Hartman enjoys firefighting, biking, backpacking, and gardening. He has a BS in Chemistry from Pacific Union College, and lives on campus with his wife Lorna and his three sons: Paul, Ty and Andrew.

Staff member since: 2003