Church & Elementary School

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Welcome to the UCA Adventist Church

Here students blend with the local Adventist community into a single loving, supportive church family. It’s a place to celebrate God and experience fellowship. The UCA Church seeks to lead students into a lifelong relationship with Jesus Christ. Church members support students by helping them move into the dorms on registration day, inviting them home for Sabbath dinner, and visiting the dorms throughout the year. Students frequently participate in worship services and church leadership.

UCA Elementary School

About 20 to 25 students per year in grades 1-8 form a close-knit, active school family at the UCA Elementary school. The curriculum emphasizes hands-on learning: from launching model rockets to ice skating. A vibrant Pathfinder and Adventurer program is offered and students are encouraged to assume leadership roles in Sabbath worship services.

Inside the Church