2009-2010 Video

Gymnastics Home Show Promotional Video (Shot & edited by Brandon – Class 2010)

Gymnastics Homeshow Promotion from Brandon Olds on Vimeo.

Band & Choir Perform at Walla Walla University Church

UCA Band & Choir Perform At Walla Walla University from Mark Janke on Vimeo.

HOPE Taskforce: Ronald McDonald House (shot & edited by Skylar – Class of 2010)

Untitled from Skylar King on Vimeo.

Grandparent Weekend 2010

The UCA band plays “Allegro Barbaro” through an area wide power failure

UCA Band Plays Through A Power Outage from Mark Janke on Vimeo.

Band Clinic 2010

Band Clinic 2010 from Mark Janke on Vimeo.

Senior Recognition Talent Program

Little Liza – Senior Rec 2010 from Lem Productions on Vimeo.

Heritage Weekend 2010

Christmas at the FOX 2009

Gymnastics Team 2009-2010

UCA Dedication Vespers 2009-2010

Class Night 2009-2010